A Great Example of Melaleuca Blazing a Trail in Developing Green Products That Work Better and Cost Less

  It has only been a little over two months since I was introduced to Melaleuca’s incredible line of eco-friendly products that perform better than any grocery store brand, and are all very cost effective.  My family, friends, and I have been extremely impressed with the quality of every product that Melaleuca manufactures, with their outstanding customer service, and with the positive and significant impact these products are having on our health and in in our homes. Today I received an email from a friend in Melaleuca, and it’s just another reason for me to be thankful that I have found a company that I can trust is manufacturing the best possible quality products for my family, my home, and for the environment.  Below is the email that was passed along to me from the desk of Anthony Rodriguez:

“P&G has tried for 2 YEARS to do what we have for 11 years and THEY CAN’T DO IT!!!

 http://bit.ly/aJUDhT         Melaleuca has had this for over a decade!

 P & G’s problem with Phosphate-Free Dishwashing Detergents

For years, most of us who have been Melaleuca customers  have attempted to convince our friends and family about the negative effects of phosphates and chlorine in automatic dishwashing detergents, and most of the time it was met with “deaf-ears.” If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, then click on the news story link below and you will understand why I love this news story so much, especially since 15 states have now banned phosphates.

 As you will learn from the news story, phosphate-free dishwashing detergents that actually work, are challenging to develop.  Wait until you listen to what Proctor and Gamble’s customers are saying about P and G’s new product…Not Good!  Even the spokesman from the American Institute of Cleaning attempts to defend the major manufactures by stating that, developing a phosphate free dishwashing detergent is  very difficult and will take time! ( I wish I could give P  & G  sympathy, but why didn’t  P & G start working on a phosphate-free product sooner, they knew the negative effects on the environment years ago.)

 Melaleuca’s phosphate and chlorine-free dishwashing detergent called Diamond Brite,  not only works better than anything on the market, it is less expensive…and MADE-IN-AMERICA. Diamond Brite is four times more concentrated as the leading brand.

Diamond Brite® contains:

  • No chlorine bleach
  • No phosphates
  • No high-alkaline formula that requires a child-resistant cap
  • A scientifically advanced, patented formula

 I wish I knew where the major U.S. detergent manufactures produce their products?  I do know that one of them has over 80 subsidiaries outside the U.S, and Melaleuca’s Diamond Brite is made in the U.S.”

About sheriwilcox

I am blessed to have three wonderful children, Rebecca (13), Christopher (8), and Emily (8), and am married to my best friend and life partner, Frank. My professional background is in the Performing Arts, Fitness, and in Early Childhood Education. I love the flexibility of working part time and being able to be home with my children and volunteer often. I am grateful to ocassionally book acting work down here in South Florida, and I love teaching "Kindermusik" and fitness classes. I am also passionate about using products that are safer for my family, our home, and the environment, and love working with a phenomenal health and wellness company that is based in the United States and has an outstanding 27 year history in manufacturing green and safer products that perform better than the leading grocery store brands and cost less. Helping people reach their health and fitness goals through my work as a Fitness Instructor has always been important to me and something I have always found rewarding, however with Melaleuca, I now have the opportunity to help people achieve their health, wellness, and financial goals if they choose, which I find very exciting. Feel free to contact me to learn more about the tremendous benefits of shopping with Melaleuca. My faith, my family, and my friends are all very important to me, and spending quality time with family and friends is what I enjoy most. I love to laugh, dance, sing, play with my kids, exercise, run on the beach, read motivating and inspirational books, and help others. Other activities that I love to do that are on my list to start doing more often are riding horses and playing the guitar. I feel very fortunate and blessed to live a life of abundance, and I do my best to always see the best in everyone and bright side of every situation. I believe that with hard work, a positive attitude, integrity, passion, and faith, that all things are possible and that every dream is within your reach.
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1 Response to A Great Example of Melaleuca Blazing a Trail in Developing Green Products That Work Better and Cost Less

  1. Amy says:

    Great post Sheri – Thanks! At least out glasses are clear and the ones that I had that got cloudy are now clearing up. 🙂

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