Simpler. Safer. Smarter.


Simpler. Safer. Smarter.

Since April 2011, my family has loved shopping with Melaleuca, an American company that manufactures over 350 consumable products that are safer for us, our family, and the environment.  They are a billion dollar manufacturer that is 100% debt free, and has been committed to manufacturing responsibly for the past 28 years.  Their product lines include household and cleaning, personal care, nutrition and weight loss, drugstore line, and a cosmetic and skincare line.  Combining the best of science and nature, they have developed superior products that outperform their competitors both in quality and in price. Since 1985, they have helped hundreds and thousands of American families make the switch to better, safer, and more affordable  products for their homes and for their family, and today over 850,000 households shop directly with this company at wholesale prices.

When you open an account with the company, you shop directly with the manufacturer online or by phone at wholesale prices…there are no distributors….we all shop directly with Melaleuca. It is a one time initial membership fee of $29 to open an account, with a renewal fee once a year of $12 (similar to a membership at Costco or BJ’s, but Melaleuca’s membership costs less). You’ll receive $100 in free products your first six months, all products come with a 100% empty bottle money back guarantee, and you can opt out of your membership at any time for any reason, so there is never any risk in trying Melaleuca’s store, which is one the things I love most about this company.  Melaleuca’s customer re-order rate is 95% – literally 95% of their customers who shop with them this month will shop again with them next month and each subsequent month…I think that says it all!  After a little less than two years shopping with this wonderful company, it is very clear to me why their customer retention rate is so high and why they have such loyal customers for decades.   The impact these products have had in our home, health, and budget is significant.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of shopping with Melaleuca, this is a short video with the Founder and CEO, Frank Vandersloot: , and this is the link to view their product lines and prices:

Preferred Customers receive their wholesale prices (30% – 40% less), and it is important to keep in mind that all of their products are super concentrated, so they last much longer than conventional products. For example, their laundry detergent is 6x concentrated – you’d have to purchase at least 3 bottles of 2x concentrated Tide to equal the same amount of loads you get from one bottle of Melaleuca’s detergent!  As a result, all of their products are a far better value than what you will find in stores.

Feel free to contact me at for more information.  I am so thankful our family made the switch to better, safer, and more affordable products two years ago, and feel blessed to have the opportunity to help other individuals and families discover this wonderful company!

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Peace begins at home.

Promoting peace begins at home with the environment we create for our children and the love, patience, integrity, and kindness we model and the values we live day to day.  Joy, acceptance, respect for others, forgiveness, encouragement…if we can do our best to live and teach these principles, we will be doing our part in creating a necessary and crucial shift in the collective consciousness, and we will be promoting a kinder, safer, more loving, and peaceful world in which to live. It begins with small teaching moments at home and has a dramatic ripple effect that is more powerful than we can even imagine.  As Mother Teresa said, “What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.”  I wholeheartedly agree!

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A greener, healthier, and more cost effective way to shop.

Many of us are familiar with BJ’s, Sam’s Club, and Costco’s, and several of us have memberships to at least one of these stores because of the savings they offer their members. I love Whole Foods, however, I always walk out of there spending a lot more than I had planned.  I often thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a membership to a wholesale green shopping club where I could buy eco-friendly and healthier products at a discounted price?”  In April 2011 my wish came true…thanks to a friend, I found Melaleuca, a wonderful company that has been manufacturing greener and safer products since 1985.  Simply put, it is a much better way to buy green and healthier products for a lot less than what I was paying at Whole Foods, or even at my local grocery store.  Since this company does not spend any money on advertising, and they rely strictly on word of mouth via their happy customers, and because they ship directly from their state of the art manufacturing plant to the consumer, they are able to produce much higher quality products for significantly less than their competitors.  Melaleuca manufactures over 350 personal care and household products that are safer for us, our homes, and the environment.  These highly consumable products, which range from cleaning products to bath and body products, nutrition and weight loss products, supplements, snacks, skin care, makeup, pet care, and drugstore items, are far more effective than any green or non green product I have ever used, and cost less than what I was previously purchasing.  I absolutely love these products and will never return to store brands because they are superior in quality and are more cost effective.

If you are interested in learning more about Melaleuca and the tremendous benefits of shopping with them as a Preferred Customer, visit and enter the password: melaleuca.  If you would like to view their superior product line, visit, and feel free to contact me for more information.  The one time membership fee to be a Preferred Customer is $29, however they are running a special promotion this month and it is only $1 until August 31st.  All of Melaleuca’s products come with a full money back guarantee, their customer service is outstanding, and once you try their products, it is apparent very quickly why they have a 95% customer retention rate, and why over 800,000 households shop with Melaleuca every month.   Below are just a few of the benefits we receive with Melaleuca’s Preferred Customer membership:

  • A 30-40% discount on over 350 natural and green products that have been scientifically  proven to be more effective than leading brands on the market, are extremely cost effective, and are delivered right to your door.
  • $100 worth of free products during your first five months as a Preferred Customer.
  • Loyalty Shopping Dollars earned every month to spend on products of your choice.
  • Up to 15% cash back (rebates) when you shop with over 650 online retailers, such as Target, Home Depot, Barnes & Noble, Sears, etc.
  • A “thank you” check if you choose to refer other customers to shop with Melaleuca (which is completely optional).
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  I am happy to help you discover how easy it is to shop greener and smarter, and to experience increased health and wellness with Melaleuca.  Have a wonderful day!

Sheri :)

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A Great Example of Melaleuca Blazing a Trail in Developing Green Products That Work Better and Cost Less

  It has only been a little over two months since I was introduced to Melaleuca’s incredible line of eco-friendly products that perform better than any grocery store brand, and are all very cost effective.  My family, friends, and I have been extremely impressed with the quality of every product that Melaleuca manufactures, with their outstanding customer service, and with the positive and significant impact these products are having on our health and in in our homes. Today I received an email from a friend in Melaleuca, and it’s just another reason for me to be thankful that I have found a company that I can trust is manufacturing the best possible quality products for my family, my home, and for the environment.  Below is the email that was passed along to me from the desk of Anthony Rodriguez:

“P&G has tried for 2 YEARS to do what we have for 11 years and THEY CAN’T DO IT!!!         Melaleuca has had this for over a decade!

 P & G’s problem with Phosphate-Free Dishwashing Detergents

For years, most of us who have been Melaleuca customers  have attempted to convince our friends and family about the negative effects of phosphates and chlorine in automatic dishwashing detergents, and most of the time it was met with “deaf-ears.” If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, then click on the news story link below and you will understand why I love this news story so much, especially since 15 states have now banned phosphates.

 As you will learn from the news story, phosphate-free dishwashing detergents that actually work, are challenging to develop.  Wait until you listen to what Proctor and Gamble’s customers are saying about P and G’s new product…Not Good!  Even the spokesman from the American Institute of Cleaning attempts to defend the major manufactures by stating that, developing a phosphate free dishwashing detergent is  very difficult and will take time! ( I wish I could give P  & G  sympathy, but why didn’t  P & G start working on a phosphate-free product sooner, they knew the negative effects on the environment years ago.)

 Melaleuca’s phosphate and chlorine-free dishwashing detergent called Diamond Brite,  not only works better than anything on the market, it is less expensive…and MADE-IN-AMERICA. Diamond Brite is four times more concentrated as the leading brand.

Diamond Brite® contains:

  • No chlorine bleach
  • No phosphates
  • No high-alkaline formula that requires a child-resistant cap
  • A scientifically advanced, patented formula

 I wish I knew where the major U.S. detergent manufactures produce their products?  I do know that one of them has over 80 subsidiaries outside the U.S, and Melaleuca’s Diamond Brite is made in the U.S.”

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Today is my first time blogging…I am excited!  On this very day twelve years ago I had another “first” that was life changing – I became a mom for the first time.  My beautiful daughter, Rebecca, was born on May 31, 1999, and it was one of the most memorable and happiest days of my life.  She has brought so much joy into our lives these past twelve years, and has taught me so much.  Being a mom has been the hardest, most challenging, yet most rewarding and fulfilling experience….better than I could have ever imagined or dreamed!  Happy Birthday, Rebecca!  You bring so much sunshine into our lives, and we are so proud of the beautiful, kind, and loving young lady you have turned into!

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